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  • Erica Blake

2022 Educator Grant Awards Total $25,000

“All of our items finally arrived from Cole Bands! The students were very excited to see all of the upgrades that we will be making to our percussion instruments. Over the next few weeks, I will begin teaching students how to change heads on the drums and make musical decisions with the new equipment. The shipment also came in just in time as we have a concert tonight! So, the students will get to use the new sticks and mallets for our performance.”

— Brooke Mason, 2022 TEF Grant Recipient from Duncanville Middle School

Grant awards address a variety of needs: gardening supplies, flexible seating, materials to build a tiny house, additional books, seed money to initiate a debate program, phonics supplies, leadership assessments, social-emotional curriculum, decodable readers, broadcasting equipment, imagination playground activities, books to develop character, novel study books, culture books, and video equipment for media arts class to name a few.

Classroom and School-Wide Grants were awarded in December of 2022 totaling $25,000; however, we recognized the award recipients at the January School Board meeting for Tuscaloosa County and Tuscaloosa City.

The 2022 award recipients are listed below by grant type:

Classroom Grants

  • Ryan Ballad, Northridge Middle

  • Mindy Walker, Holt High

  • Brooke Mason, Duncanville Middle

  • Jenna Pugh, Woodland Forrest

  • Richard Nowell, Northridge High

  • Katherine Steadman, Woodland Forrest

  • Aleisa Cameron, Maxwell Elementary

  • Jessica Thomas, Lake View Elementary

  • Michelle McDonald, Paul W. Bryant High

School Grants

  • Lindsey Blevins, Skyland Elementary

  • Eric Guyotte, Tuscaloosa Magnet Middle

  • Taylor Lamon, Woodland Forrest Elementary

  • Mindy Walker, Holt High

  • Paige Cooper, Tuscaloosa County High


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