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We are proud to support and partner with many programs/partnerships through the Tuscaloosa City Schools and Tuscaloosa County School System, including:

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Neighborhood Bridges connects communities with schools in providing basic needs, removing barriers, and seeking equity for students so they can engage and succeed in school and life. 

Neighborhood Bridges uses technology and social media to advocate for children and families in need. An email is sent to subscribers with lists of needs from the families in both City and County schools. The subscriber can then browse each need and choose the ones they want to help. Convenient drop sites are provided for donors and needed items can be shipped by Amazon. Donors receive an email to document their charitable donations.

For more information:


Tuscaloosa City Schools 



Tuscaloosa County Schools



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Reading Allies is an innovative literacy program that helps below-grade-level readers in first, second, and third-grade rise to grade-level standards through tailored, in-depth community tutoring.


With over half of the students across the country not meeting grade-level reading standards, Reading Allies is using proven strategies to invest in our students, schools, and society.


Reading Allies is proud to be in 14 schools across Tuscaloosa City and County. Our hope is that our program reaches students across our community, and one day, the entire state of Alabama and beyond.


Reading Allies is looking for retired or part-time educators to help curate individualized lesson plans for struggling readers. We also rely on community volunteers to help tutor students one-on-one for 10 weeks each semester.


If you are interested in being a Reading Allies Specialist or in volunteering for our program, please reach out to or fill out the volunteer form at



In addition to teaching the mastery of string instruments, the Strings in Schools program teaches students valuable personal lessons. These crucial life skills include:

  • being on time for rehearsals

  • getting dressed in appropriate uniforms and attire

  • practicing at home

  • learning to respect others and work as a team player

Special needs students and students with disciplinary problems have shown improved attitudes and motivation. Families have been enriched by having a young string player at home.

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Tuscaloosa City and County Schools have 25 schools that are interested or participating in Hope Institute. The Hope Institute Academy provides a place for teachers and administrators to connect with each other, learn how schools can contribute to students’ character development, and understand why good character is essential to their success in life. has been certifying schools for 20+ years based on their implementation of The 11 Principles of Effective Character. In that time, more than 800 National Schools of Character, State Schools of Character, Districts of Character, Mexico Schools of Character, and China Schools of Character have been certified. 
The initial fee to participate in Hope Institute Academy is $1,500. The Tuscaloosa Education Foundation will be sponsoring schools as they progress through this process in the future. TEF will also provide sponsorship to schools from Tuscaloosa County or Tuscaloosa City advancing to become a State or National School of Character through

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Research indicates that summer learning loss happens to all students but has greater effects on students living in poverty. The participation in summer learning programs dramatically slows summer learning loss and these programs work better when students are given the opportunity for choice. Tuscaloosa City Schools are committed to changing the landscape of schooling to make summer learning a priority by significantly expanding summer offerings, increasing program effectiveness and outcomes, improving efficiency, prioritizing K-2 programing, and facilitating the development of a community-wide commitment to summer learning. In 2018, TCS students who attended summer learning programs experienced 9 times less summer learning loss in reading and 20 times less summer learning loss in math than their peers who did not attend. The Tuscaloosa Education Foundation is so excited to partner in this work and are committed to making summer central to learning.

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