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TEF Awards $30,000 in Grants to Deserving Educators

Throughout the month of November 2020, the TEF Grant Request Review Committee composed of Pamela Pruitt (Chairperson), Dr. Anne Witt, Kelley Miller, Janet Crowder, and Charlotte Wheeler worked diligently to read 183 grant applications and award approximately $30,000 in grants to deserving teachers (general/SPED), librarians, reading interventionist, administrators, and district leaders in Tuscaloosa City and Tuscaloosa County Schools.

The grant awards addressed a variety of needs: gardening supplies, flexible seating, materials to build a tiny house, additional books, seed money to initiate a debate program, phonics supplies, leadership assessments, social-emotional curriculum, decodable readers, broadcasting equipment, imagination playground activities, books to develop character, novel study books, culture books, and video equipment for media arts class to name a few.

We are so excited to be able to make some of our classroom, school, and system dreams come true by offering this wonderful opportunity.

The award recipients are listed below by grant type:

Classroom Grants

  • Jennifer Anderson – Oakdale Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Danielle Edison – Southview Elementary School. Tuscaloosa City

  • Jody Evans – Tuscaloosa County High School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Alyson Lamb – Taylorville Primary School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Julie McKinnon – Vance Elementary School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Mikki Powell – Rock Quarry Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Mikesha Stewart – Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Patricia Tessner – Skyland Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Georgia Tidwell – Westlawn Middle School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Carly Turner – Northside Middle School, Tuscaloosa County

School Grants

  • David Lammon – Big Sandy Elementary School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Fayette Little – Skyland Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Veronica Long – Central Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Dr. Donmonique Morgan – STARS Academy, Tuscaloosa City

  • Rachel Sharp – Vance Elementary School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Reagan Wallace – Myrtlewood Elementary School, Tuscaloosa County

System Grants

  • M. Blake Harris – Holt High School, Tuscaloosa County

  • Carter Hill – Northridge Middle School, Tuscaloosa City

  • Dr. Keri Johnson – Tuscaloosa County School System

  • Andrea Markham & Andrea White – Tuscaloosa City Schools


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